Inclusion Guidelines

   Since this site is for cops in Colorado, I'll only be summarizing the following cases:

1- The cases must be binding in Colorado.  I'll only summarize opinions of the US Supreme Court, the Federal Tenth Circuit, the Colorado Supreme Court, and the Colorado Court of Appeals.

1a- Because of the way the courts are structured, I usually won't bother with the Colorado Court of Appeals.  That court reverses its own precedent pretty regularly, and churns out a lot of stuff, so it's usually not worth my time to put it up here.  I also won't be reviewing unpublished decisions from any court.

2- The decision has to matter to cops.  Search and seizure law matters.  Qualified immunity stuff matters.  Sentencing guidelines really don't (that's the prosecutors' problem, not ours).  Statutory interpretation might matter, but it's usually adequately referenced in the footnotes of your statute book, so it might not always make the cut here.